Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Last Day-Bad News

           Anthony and I have been fairly inactive over the past few months. We were going to volunteer at the food pantry but we just couldn't find anytime to offer our time. Our schedules were just too crowded because Anthony could only volunteer on Wednesdays and Wednesdays I wasn't available. So we decided to pull the plug on Operation Food For Our Community. We failed and we apologize for not being able to work at the food pantry. I guess we were just not as passionate as we thought. But we had a great run and even though we couldn't help our community we learned value able life skills along the way. So sadly this will be my last blog for Food For Our Community. Thank you to anybody who supported our cause and we apologize for not getting the job done.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

20 Time Plans and Research Information

           The information that I researched is able to be a valuable resource to anyone who wants to pursue the same passion as me. Whoever decides to pursue the same path I have chosen will have a good start made out for them. My paper will help to inform anyone about my passion. I hope people will intend to follow the same concept that my passion covers. That is how my paper will inform anyone who shares the same passion with me.
            Recently my partner and I's 20 time project has been pretty quiet. We were going to work at the food pantry in November but neither mine or Anthony's schedules permitted. So what we plan to do is get another set of days that we can work and we should be able to find days that we can work because of Anthony's hockey season ending. We hope to get a few days of work in before the end of the semester. This is what we hope and plan to do for our 20 project.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What I Hope To Be.

          What I want to pursue as a career when I'm older is I want to be an orthopedic surgeon. Since my passion is helping those in need I will be able to do what I love every day. I know that pursuing my dream career will be difficult since you need at least 4 years of pre-med. then on top of that you need 4 more years of medical school. This all goes without saying that it will be very expensive for all of this schooling.
           I hope I can get into a good medical school that is local to Pennsylvania. Maybe a medical school such as the Perelman school of medicine. I hope to maybe go to this school because it is a very good medical school and it is still in Pennsylvania. This makes it so I'm far enough from home to be independent, but at the same time close enough for the occasional visit. I am really excited to become an orthopedic surgeon even though it is years and years away from now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Most Valuable Lesson

          The most valuable lesson I learned was that talking to people is not easy. I had a very difficult time trying not to be nervous and building up the nerve to call my authority at the food pantry. Once I called Mrs.Pollick it was actually really easy to talk with her. This is because you have to stop being nervous and getting over those nerves can be very difficult. I learned this the hard way when I was talking to Mrs.Pollick.
           This lesson will help me in the rest of my high school career. I am almost certain that I will need this skill in other classes. Wether it be orally presenting or communicating to a peer about a group project. I will always need to be able to talk to people. That is why this lesson will be so important to me in the rest of my high school years.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Completion Thus Far

          So far on this project we have completed many things. For example, we first foud an organization that we could help at (The Catholic Harvest Food Pantry). Then we contacted an authority at the food pantry (Mrs. Pollick). She gave us a schedule for when we could work there. Last we made a presentation on our project and we plan to present it on the pitch day.

          By completing these things I have been able to organize my project and ideas in various ways. We have been able to complete our assignments due to the help from Mrs. Pollick. Without her help we would not be able to complete our project about working at the food pantry. With her help we also hope to reach our goals with the food pantry. That is how we have completed our project and ideas.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Talking and Planning With The Owner Of The Food Pantry

         Since Anthony and I wanted to work with the food pantry for our project we needed to get some sort of plan. We needed to contact some sort of authority there. We found the owner Ms. Pollick and we called her on the phone. We told her that we wanted to help at the food pantry and explained 20 time. She gave us more than we expected and she agreed to send us a schedule of when we could come and help.
         I learned from calling Ms.Pollick that putting myself out there and offering my time is not as hard as I thought. At first before we called her I was pretty nervous. But after we started having a conversation it was really easy. The 20 time project in general has helped me a lot. I hope that I can learn a lot more in the future from this project.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Contacting an Authority at the Food Pantry

       To start making steps toward working at the food pantry ,I will need to make some sort of contact with them. More specifically, since my partner on the project knows the owner, we will be contacting her. Her name is Kris Pollick and since she is the owner she will most likely be able to find something we can do to help out. On a project it very beneficial to contact some sort of authority around the area you are going to do your project. This is because then the authority knows you will be there and you will know that you have permission to work there.
       Me and Anthony are going to send Kris an email explaining what we wish to do at the food pantry. We want to know if there will be anything that we can do to help out at the food pantry. We also want to know if we can even work there in general. We want to know this because it is very cruicial to our project. That is what we hope to gain by contacting the owner of the food pantry.*